Sports Massage

People often ask what's the difference between sports massage and physiotherapy?

Sports massage is one component or tool which a physio can use to treat pain. If you are dealing with an injury, you need all the tools an experienced physiotherapist can offer. If you are trying to relieve muscle tension, prepare for a sporting event or just trying to de-stress then sports massage is the answer for you. 

The feeling of tension can be caused by both biomechanical and psychological reasons. It is important that you know what is driving your feeling of tension. Your therapist will not only treat the symptoms but also help you identify the contributing factors so you can make positive changes to your lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

I've heard sports massage is good for me but how often should I have it?

This will largely depend on the individual and their levels of activity. Someone participating in an intense exercise regime will benefit from seeing a therapist weekly or fortnightly. For someone less active, a monthly 'tune up' is generally recommended. 

Does sports massage hurt?

Your therapist will not go out of their way to cause you pain. Physio Unlocked does not subscribe to the notion of 'no pain, no gain'. Muscles which hold more tension will naturally be more sensitive to pressure and a certain amount of pressure is needed to reduce this: it's about finding a balance. Be open with your therapist and they can adjust their techniques to suit you.

Should I also be doing foam rolling or self-release work?

Yes, but know what you're trying to achieve. Foam rolling and other forms of self-release techniques are great but you shouldn't need to do them every day. Physio Unlocked recommends concentrating on one or two areas which are problematic and releasing them 2-3 times per week for a few minutes as needed. You therapist can show you how to do this. Performing hour long foam rolling sessions are simply a waste of time. 

What should I do before the sports massage?

Try to mentally prepare for your sports massage. Think about which areas of your body you would like the therapist to work on and work out what it is you are trying to achieve. Having clear expectations will guide your therapist's treatment and you will get more out of the session. 

What should I do after the sports massage?

We advise drinking plenty of water and most importantly, chill out! You will feel a sense of calm and relaxation after the session so plan activities which will not require much effort. Some people will even go for a nap!

Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

All we ask you to provide is some space for us to set up the massage table and two or three towels the therapist can use to make you more comfortable. You will be asked to expose the relevant area to be treated so do wear appropriate clothing.