Online Physiotherapy




Often people are unable to schedule in time to see a physiotherapist and continue to live with pain as a result. Physio Unlocked aims to remedy this problem by offering Online Physiotherapy consultations.

You get the same great knowledge, care and advise you would in person with the added benefit of receiving supplementary resources. This includes instructional videos on how to perform rehab exercises, lifestyle coaching and training planning. 

The sessions will last approximately 45 minutes and are conducted over Skype which means you can have access to a physiotherapist from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Photo by SebastianGauert/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by SebastianGauert/iStock / Getty Images

Can I use Online Physiotherapy for second opinions?

Yes! Many people are not satisfied with the advice their doctor or other healthcare provider gives them in relation to an injury. At Physio Unlocked, we hate when people are told they can't do something. We prefer to look at your individual circumstances and equip you with the knowledge you need to make reasoned desicions about your health. 

Many of our patients complain that their healthcare provider didn't explain what their injury is and what their management options are. This is why at Physio Unlocked we take the time to explain your condition from a biological point of view so you can understand what is happening. We then honestly and pragmatically explain the steps you can take to manage your pain effectively - knowledge is power!


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