Why Physio Unlocked

At Physio Unlocked we offer a truly unique rehabilitation experience for time conscious professionals. Being a mobile physiotherapy service, we bring you individualised treatment plans in the comfort of your own home and at a time which suits you. 

Our mission is to provide a tailored physiotherapy service which keeps you on track and achieving your own personal goals. Physiotherapy can be a long process and many people give up along the way. Physio Unlocked doesn't let that happen. We are the only local service that provides you weekly telephone or Skype follow ups as part of your rehab journey which ensures you stay on target.

We understand that pain and dysfunction is complex, influencing almost every area of life. Our health and well-being tools help us to analyse your lifestyle so we can explore which factors could be limiting your recovery. By optimising your lifestyle, we can improve your recovery and give you not only the quick wins but also the long-term management which you need to stay injury free. 



Our Methods


Physio Unlocked take a broad approach to rehabilitation. We believe that every person is unique and a variety of strategies should be implemented when designing rehabilitation plans. Here's what your plan could include:

  • Biomechanical and movement assessment
  • Corrective exercise prescription 
  • Hands on manual therapy
  • Lifestyle modification strategies 
  • Strength and conditioning recommendations
  • Acupuncture 
  • Sports taping 

Meet The Founder


My name is Ameeth Ruparelia, the founder of Physio Unlocked. My principle aim is teach professionals how to manage injury and teach them the fundamentals of good, efficient movement. I believe that leading an active lifestyle and spreading positivity are fundamental to pain-free health and well-being.

My fascination with the human body truly began in 2010 when I started my physiotherapy degree programme at the University of Birmingham. Over 1000 hours of clinical placement and a dissertation with Aston Villa FC gave me the perfect spring board to start work in the NHS on hospital rotations. Having a love for all things exercise, my passion led me working in sports clubs such as Brentford FC and also Staines Swimming Club where I have been a conditioning coach for the last 5 years.

As a seasoned practitioner, I’ve seen many people place limitations on themselves because of pain. Pain is a necessary fact of life however, people all too often let it take over and run their lives. I've learnt that pain is usually caused by a lack of good quality, efficient movement. Whether you’re a self-confessed fitness freak or a weekend warrior, if you don’t move well, your body will soon let you know about it!

The reason I set up Physio Unlocked is because I hated seeing patients recieve low value recipe book-style, protocol-led treatments with minimal support seen in some physiotherapy clinics. I wanted to change the way people think about rehab by giving them the knowledge, tools and support they deserve. Most physios treat a patient with an injury. I prefer to get to know a person, find out what drives them and build a plan focused on their goals and capabilities. Seeing people breakdown their barriers excites me. Seeing people achieve things they thought impossible is what motivates me. 

I genuinely feel that if you move well and you are positive in your outlook, you can conquer many of the challenges life throws at you. This goes for recovering from injury as well as being more able to deal with life's stresses. If I can teach a person how to move well and unlock their potential everyone wins!