Why Physio Unlocked

Physio Unlocked was set up to show time conscious professionals how easy it is to recover from injury through a combination of exercise and lifestyle optimisation. Being a mobile physiotherapy service, we bring individualised treatment plans to the comfort of your own home and at a time which suits you. Our mission is to provide a tailored physiotherapy service that keeps you on track and accountable to your own personal rehab goals.

We understand that pain and dysfunction is complex, influencing almost every area of life. Our health and well-being tools help to analyse your individual cycle of pain in five key areas (physical, psychological, social, work and lifestyle). We explore these areas and help you identify the factors which are limiting your recovery. Working together, we will show you how things can be optimised. By looking at you as a person, we can improve your recovery and give you not only the quick wins but also the long-term management you need to stay injury free.

Injury recovery can be a long process. Many people fail and give up along the way. Physio Unlocked does not let that happen. We are the only local service that provides you weekly telephone or Skype follow ups as part of your rehab plan which ensures you stay on target.

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Our Methods


Physio Unlocked take a broad approach to rehabilitation. We believe that every person is unique and a variety of strategies should be implemented when designing rehabilitation plans. Here's what your plan could include:

  • Biomechanical and movement assessment

  • Lifestyle modification strategies

  • Corrective exercise prescription

  • Strength and conditioning recommendations

  • Hands on manual therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Sports taping

Ameeth has treated me a number of times and I have always felt very comfortable and confident in his work
— Alex (Sports Club Owner)

Meet The Founder


My name is Ameeth Ruparelia, the founder of Physio Unlocked. I am a physiotherapist who believes in the power of leading a healthy, active and positive lifestyle. Physio Unlocked was set up to show patients how easy it is to recover from injury through a combination of exercise and lifestyle optimisation.

Pain is a normal fact of life. Accidents happen and injuries occur.  The problem arises when people don’t have the necessary tools to help themselves. This may be a lack of knowledge about their condition or worse, a lack of access to good quality healthcare providers. People suffer with pain longer than they should, and over the years I’ve seen so many people place limitations on their lives because of it.

I am fascinated with the complexity of the human body and what it is capable of. I am also amazed how resilient it is, but also the ease to which our mind set influences our physical wellbeing. Injury can have an enormous impact on a person. From limiting their ability to take part in the activities they love, to changes in their mood and even how they interact with friends and family. Practitioners rarely pay enough attention to how these factors affect recovery. Either they do not recognise the significance of these factors or because they are not equipped with the skills to manage them effectively. I hate seeing patients receive low value, protocol-led recipe-book style treatments with minimal support which is sadly more common than it should be.

My philosophy to treating injury is to start with education. I firmly believe that once a patient understands what is going on their body, they can start to tackle it without fear. The next step is identifying all the factors which could be limiting recovery. By having open and honest discussions, as a team, we can design a bespoke treatment plan which encompasses all areas of that patient’s life. With regular support and guidance, the road to recovery is an easy one and the patient will become an expert in injury management. To me, this is how physiotherapy should work.

Seeing people breakdown their barriers excites me but seeing people achieve what they thought impossible is what drives me. I am committed to helping people who want to help themselves and I genuinely believe that if you move well and have a positive outlook, you can conquer anything that life throws at you!